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Celebrating Success at the First Coast Classic Dancesport Championship

We've just returned from the First Coast Classic Dancesport Championship in St. Augustine, and we're thrilled to share that Dance It Studio has secured the Second Place Top Studio award! This achievement reflects the collective effort and talent of our team and sets the stage for celebrating individual accomplishments that made us shine.

Sarah King has outdone herself by being named the Top Newcomer Student and clinching the Newcomer Scholarship in Rhythm, Smooth, and International Standard dances. Sarah's unwavering dedication is evident in her performance, and her achievements are a testament to her hard work.

Eddie Rivera has been recognized as the Top Teacher, a title that speaks volumes of his passion and expertise. Eddie's guidance is a cornerstone of our success, elevating the team's performance and inspiring us all to reach for the stars.

A special shoutout to Jeannette Dunstan and Sarah King for making it to the Top 20 DanceSport Series Students. Their determination and hard work have paid off, marking them as outstanding dancers in the competitive arena.

Congratulations to Ricky Colon and Eddie Rivera for their exceptional performance in the Closed Silver American Rhythm category, placing First in all dances. Their partnership on the dance floor exemplifies perfect harmony and dedication.

Trudy Contessa has once again demonstrated her exceptional talent by becoming the World Master Smooth Pro-am Champion and Open Silver Rhythm Champion. Her elegance continues to inspire and captivate us.

This championship has been a canvas of success, painted with the hard work, dedication, and passion of each dancer. These achievements are not just medals and titles; they are milestones in our journey together. Here's to celebrating these moments and looking forward to creating more memories and accomplishments as a team. Cheers to our shining stars and the entire Dance It Studio family!

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